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The CARFAC Ontario Advisory Notes are brief documents (between 3 – 17 pages long) that summarize everything you need to know on a specific topic relating to your artistic practice. Do you have a question about the business of your art? Chances are that we have an advisory note to answer your questions. These are available on a CD-ROM in PDF format.

The CD-ROM includes articles on the following topics:
Art On the Menu
Artist/Dealer Checklist
Artist/Exhibition Checklist
Artist Groups: Community Development for Artists
Artist/Mural Checklist
Sample Artist/Mural Contract - Notes
Artist/Public Gallery Exhibition Agreement
Business Entities for Artists
Certificate of Canadian Origin
Copyright & Commissioned Works
Copyright for Visual Artists
Exhibiting/Selling Outside of Canada
GST & Artists
Guidelines for Organizing Art
Commission Competitions
Guidelines for Professional Standards in the Organization of Juried Exhibitions
Guidelines for Professional Standards in the Organization of Fund-raising Events
Health Hazards & Safety Tips for Artists
Hidden Dangers in the Sale of Artworks
Insuring Your Artwork
Marketing Strategies for Visual Artists
Model Releases
Notes on Art in Public Places
Original Prints & Reproductions
Preparing for Your Tax Return
Retransmission Rights
Trademarks & Trade Names
Using Photographic Images as Source Material
Warehouse Studio Health & Safety
Writing for Visual Artists

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